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Name calling…


Our parents told us not to. Our friends made us want to. But God tells us how to.

Namely because He has so many.


Some say hundreds, others say thousands. Why so many Names?

Because one Name by itself can’t fully describe God’s greatness. One Name won’t let us fully fathom His power.


God has a Name for each of our needs, and when we call Him by that new Name we discover a new attribute about His character.


In this new study we’re exploring the depths of God’s Name calling, not merely learning how to say them, but more importantly how to claim them. Provision or power, comfort or care, healing or hope; each comes from the nature of our needs through His Name. Make plans to join Dr. Burleson on Sunday mornings this Spring, for our new morning message series:  "(His) Name (our) Calling"


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