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Did you know there are some 1.3 million “apps” available right now at your fingertips – each designed to make your life more manageable, profitable, and enjoyable?  Short for “applications” – it’s a noun typically describing software used on our smartphones or mobile devices.  But once we use them, “apps” becomes “app” – a verb, short for application!  Because that’s what we’ve just done, taken what was available and applied it in our life. Until that point, it’s just a good idea. But when we “download it” into our world, then suddenly it becomes much more! 

The Word of God works the same way. There are some 31,103 verses available right now at our fingertips – each designed to make our lives exactly the way the Creator intends. But until we take what’s available and apply it to our life, it’s just a good idea or a novel word that we’ve heard.  But “download it” into your world? Put it into practice? And suddenly it becomes much more! 

That’s why to begin our New Year, we’re looking at 8 life-apps – fundamental principles from God’s Word – which when put into practice can change us, our lives, and the lives of other people for better forever!  Make plans to join Dr. Burleson each week as we download these apps (personally!) in our new  Sunday morning message series, “iCan – a series of Life Apps.”