Current Sermon Series

Know what something looks like after 5 years if it’s not motivated, moved, or maintained?  (Yeah, it gets rusty, corroded, and stuck…yuck!) Well far be it for us to let the same thing happen to ourselves as Christians or as a Church?!

So after 5 years as Pastor of FBC Salado, I thought we should go back to “the basics,” and revisit some of those foundational facts of faith which make us strong, stable, and successful.

Pick a sport…the mastery of the sport (the pure enjoyment of it) begins with learning the basics. Pick a vocation…you’ve got to know the fundamentals to succeed in the field. Pick a public service…they all start with the “essentials” and build upon those.

Anywhere we are. Any way we are. Child. Student. Adult. Professional. The basics, the fundamentals are the building blocks upon which we grow!

So it is with Faith.

And sometimes the reason we are where we are (or we are how we are) is because we’ve neglected, disregarded, forgotten, or simply abandoned those spiritual disciplines of faith which help us become who and how God intends.

That’s where we’ll start at the start of a brand new year in our new Sunday morning message-series, “X’s & Oh’s The Basics of Being a Believer.”   Start with the basics, execute the fundamentals, and success will surely follow!

     - Dr. Burleson