The Pastor's Perspective


At our most recent Deacon’s meeting, I listened in awe and appreciation as person after person related their experience during our Deacons’ year-end gift card ministry. It was a very simple approach. Each Deacon was given 1-2 gift-cards with the following instructions:   Pray for a discerning heart and sensitive eyes; Ask God to show you exactly who to give your card(s) to; Distribute your card(s) to a needy person of your choice. No questions asked, no strings attached. Recipients did not have to be from Salado. The only requirement was that distribution was to happen sometime before Christmas.

One deacon told of giving his gift-card to a recent prison-releasee whom he had heard of. The individual had just gotten discharged and had nothing more than the clothes they were wearing.  Another deacon shared how, while driving down the freeway he passed a woman walking while pushing a stroller.  Then the Spirit landed and that deacon turned around, went back, and was able to give his gift-card to that woman.  

In account after account, the deacons shared how recipients were visibly impacted and overwhelmed by God’s amazing timing and generosity. The report time concluded with our Deacon body expressing their praise to God for their experiences, and asking Him to multiply and bless their Kingdom efforts into the lives of these individuals.

Each gift card was included with an FBC Salado stationary-card and a note:

Merry Christmas Deacons.png

As we enter this “love” month, no doubt the Lord is going to open up opportunities for you to be a generous giver as well.  Maybe like Peter you’d say, “Silver and gold have I none, but what I do have I give you…in the name of Jesus Christ! ”Whether material or emotional, can I encourage you like our Deacons, to: Pray for a discerning heart and sensitive eyes; Ask God to show you exactly who to give to; then Distribute your blessing accordingly when He brings it across your path.


Go love, Church!


- Pastor Travis