MinistrySafe Update

MinistrySafe Logo.JPG

During the past few weeks many of our church members have contacted the church office or staff regarding an email they received from MinistrySafe. First of all it is a legitimate email (not spam). Second, it is part of our Child Abuse Awareness Training required for every youth and children volunteer at FBC Salado. MinistrySafe provides a 5-Part Safety System to protect children and those who serve them in churches and child-serving organizations.

MinistrySafe provides unique resources for church ministry programs, including: Sexual Abuse Awareness TrainingSkillful Screening Processes, Safety Policy and ProceduresBackground Checks, and Online Administration. MinistrySafe enables churches to have state-of-the-art tools and training, as well as extensive knowledge of standards of care and evolving best practices.

The alert emails are generated automatically on an annual basis or when an individual’s requirements are due. The search parameters are set by the company and made available to participating churches. If you receive or have received an email alert, it is safe to click on the link, and simply means you as a Volunteer are due for the required component indicated.

Thank you for continuing to serve the Lord, His Church, and His Children!