March 10 Connect Service: "We are the Monks"

We Are The Monks Promo.jpg

Mark your calendars! Our Spring Connect Sunday is March 10th (9:15am SS, 10:30am Worship) and we have the pleasure of hosting guest Christian Artists “We are the Monks” - who have been recording music together for over 5 years. If someone in the photo looks familiar, it is FBC’r Julie Self’s sister, Shellie.

From the Monk’s Website -

“By 2017, the Monks released three projects: We Are the Monks, their introductory album; A Very We Are the Monks Christmas, a small collection of some of their favorite Christmas hymns; and Hymns, covers of traditional favorites such as “Come Thou Fount” and “Doxology”. While some of their original songs illustrate their faith and walk with the Lord, others relate to their marriage and family (“Here We Go” and “These Arms”) In fact, Trent wrote “These Arms” shortly before his and Shellie’s son Oliver was born and the couple transitioned into a new chapter - parenthood.

“The first time we did the song in front of an audience, we could hardly get through it,” Shellie says. “But every night when we sing it, we see parents and grandparents connecting to the message.”

Trent and Shellie, now married seven years, still make music and tour the country, but now do so with their three-year-old Oliver and one-year-old Amelia. “We feel truly blessed to tour as a family. For the most part, traveling with two kids is a joy! Other days, it's super hard and we ask ourselves if we're doing the right thing. Ultimately, we feel we're right where the Lord wants us,” says Shellie. "It's mostly amazing!” Trent agrees. “We feel very blessed to be living this adventure as a family. There are challenges and sometimes very rough days, but the blessings far outweigh those.”

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