15 years serving FBC Salado!!


15 years ago the Lord moved in a mysterious way by bringing a particular woman to serve Him at FBC Salado. Little did anyone know that three pastors and a dozen or so staff members later, she would be the glue that God used to hold His church together. Gaylia Reimer has served the Lord, His church, and His people at FBC Salado longer than any staff member across the past three decades. It takes a special kind of person to function effectively with so many different kinds of people, and Gaylia has been that special person for FBC.  Her ability to manage, oversee, route, correspond, administrate, produce, and assist with many ministries across many years with many people is second to none.  During her tenure at FBC, her role has expanded from simple secretary – to pastoral assistant – to office manager (or as she’s fondly known inside the Office as, “air traffic controller!”)

If you have attended, worshiped, prayed, served, given, taught, or had any number of actions in the Body of Christ here, then you have most certainly come in contact with or been influenced by the servant-ministry of Gaylia Reimer.  With grace she has fielded phone calls. With faithfulness she has manned her post. With prayer she has supported her coworkers. With joy she has served her Lord.  When the Lord says, “My eyes will be on the faithful in the land, that they may dwell with Me; those whose walk is blameless will minister to Me.” (Psalm 101:6) – He was surely referring to one like Gaylia.

Join us this month in celebrating, congratulating, and thanking this faithful one who has ministered to many. On Sunday March 3 in both worship services we will recognize Gaylia for her accomplishments. Our Personnel Team has met and prepared several items of presentation, however please feel free to send her a card to the church office or drop her an email of thanks.

 Congratulations Gaylia for 15 faithful years…!!