The British Are Coming!


Last year our church sent a team of 10 FBC’rs to serve alongside Southbank Baptist Church in northern England. To say that the lives of our UK Team were forever altered by the power of God’s greatness and lovingkindness during their experience, would be an understatement. 

From first perceiving great differences only to discover great commonalities with other people from another country – To having others who had next-to-nothing intercede earnestly for those who had almost everything, the number of ways our team saw God’s glory was almost too much to quantify.

Said one team member, “On that Sunday morning when we were there the Spirit was strong, as worship leaders from opposite sides of ‘the Pond’ sang in harmony, Scriptures were read in different tongues yet clearly understood, God’s Word pierced hearts and met needs, and people wept & knelt at the altar – it was 1st Century like?!”

The experience and bond from that partnership was so strong and impactful, that this Year FBC is hosting our ministry friends from Southbank, UK over here in Texas! Pastor Jon Edwards and wife Liz will be joining alongside us for a week of leadership training and ministry development. They’ll be working alongside our FBC staff & leadership, engaging in cultural interaction-sessions at our schools, receiving valuable ministry training for back home, and of course enjoying the best of Texas hospitality!  (And get this – they’ve never spent time in the U.S., nor ever been to Texas.) So, oh yes, you can bet this is a going to be a wonderfully powerful time!

Join us this month in praying for the Edwards’ arrival as Jon and Liz will be with us March 30-Apr 8. In addition to participating in our ongoing FBC ministries, Jon will be the guest speaker for our annual FBC Man Day on Saturday April 6. No doubt, including how he speaks our men are guaranteed to never forget what Jon speaks!  He will also be preaching in both worship services on Sunday, April 7.