The Pastor's Perspective

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“This was so cool…?!” – was the response of one of FBC’s newest members after our recent New Member Reception.

Recently my wife and I had the privilege of hosting a New Member Reception in our home, something we try to do at least quarterly. With some 30+ new members on the guest list this time, along with our church staff, it was quite an evening!  (talk to my children and they’d probably speak from the angle of “having” to clean their rooms~!) But the purpose of the event is much more than that.

 We developed the concept more than a year ago, in hopes of connecting quickly and more thoroughly with those whom God brings into our Family of Faith here. Our church staff is present to introduce themselves, share about their ministries, and interact with our guests.  Plenty of food and desserts highlight the evening, as well as the oh so important connection with other people.

 Research validates reality that,

“Over 40% of those who are in the church building at least on a monthly basis never go a small group.” (and that) “If a person who has joined the church does not connect with a small group within their first 6 months, they will most likely quit attending church or have sporadic attendance at best.”


The truth is – membership as a local expression of Christ’s body is viewed by the Scriptures as a covenant relationship—much like a marriage relationship. So at our New Member receptions we present a “Membership Covenant” to everyone. Divided into two sections the covenant emphasizes their commitment to our church, followed by our church’s commitment to them. They sign it, then I as their Pastor sign it. We then present everyone with a membership stone engraved with our church logo, as a reminder not only of their presence here, but also of their importance to what God is building here.

You also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house
to be…acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

(1 Peter 2:5)

Whatever you know about church, know this about our church – we value you and your family as an integral part of what God is doing here.

Go love, Church!

- Pastor Travis