New Sunday Morning message series begins March 17!

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If you ever wanted to know more about the Heavenly Father that Christians often talk about?  If you ever wondered how people like us could find favor with a God like Him? If you ever questioned how He relates to your own life, own experiences, and own mistakes? Join us starting March 17 as Pastor Travis begins the 2nd half of his Sunday morning message series titled, “The Lord Is…”  Studying Psalm 145, we’ll be looking at some of attributes of God which are also promises for us. And we’ll be learning things about God’s character, His ways, and His response that are very needed by us and readily available to us. 

Said Pastor Travis, “In this Series we’re talking about the fact that, as is the case with our earthly Parents, there’s also a WHOLE LOT MORE to our Heavenly Father than just what we as His children think we know. That eventhough we may have been around Him a long time, eventhough we may interact with Him on a daily basis, eventhough we may be in His House habitually, eventhough all that there are still a lot of things we don’t know and haven’t discovered yet about the Lord?!”

Make your plans to join in this very personal study beginning Sunday morning, March 17