5 Years serving FBC Salado...!!


It was April 2014. The FBC Personnel Team decided to create an additional position titled “Staff Assistant” to help fulfill the ever increasing responsibilities of administration and communication within the church. The team finalized a new job description, prepared standard job applications, and began circulating the need.  After many conversations and multiple interviews the screening team made the unanimous recommendation to hire Ashley Unger to fill the new role.  

5 years later…we are sure glad they did!  A graduate of Howard Payne University and former business owner of “Finders-Keepers” on Main Street here in Salado, Ashley has been a perfect fit for the FBC Salado staff.  Working tirelessly with our Pastoral Staff on church programs, ministry needs, and various communication platforms (1st Light Newsletter, website, worship guide, announcement slides, et al) Ashley has brought a creative and professional spark unlike any other. In fact, she manages and helps produce so much behind the scenes that you probably wouldn’t even realize all she contributes to our church – and to the Kingdom.  In addition to her professional responsibilities Ashley has a steady love for Students – teaching Jr. High girls and participating in multiple mission trips, youth camps, and small group discipleship efforts.

Join us this month in celebrating, congratulating, and thanking this multi-talented staffer who has definitely been a “Finders-keeper” for FBC Salado!  On Sunday, April 7, in both worship services we will recognize Ashley for her accomplishments. Our Personnel Team has prepared several items of presentation, however please feel free to send Ashley a card or drop her an email or text of thanks.

Congratulations Ashley for 5 faithful years of service!!