The Pastor's Perspective


So I recently exhorted our Sunday morning audience with something we’re calling our “5-Alive Challenge!” Very simple, over the next 5 weeks (re)invite 5 people (back) to something. Invite them to join you in a worship service, for a Wednesday Supper, for one of our CrossFit Seminars! (*let me tell you, you do not want to miss these Sunday evening seminars because they are going to be chocked-full of life-help that we all need). Invite someone to our Men’s or Women’s events coming up in April! Invite them to Easter Services! Invite them for coffee (or tell them you’ll bring them some). Invite them for a round of golf, or anything that can help them reconnect with the Lord and His Body!

This pointed but crystal clear Word from 1 Corinthians says it well: “The way God designed our bodies is a model for understanding our lives together as a Church: every part dependent on every other part, the parts we mention and the parts we don’t, the parts we see and the parts we don’t. If one part hurts, every other part is involved in the hurt, and in the healing. If one part flourishes, every other part enters into the exuberance. You are Christ’s body—that’s who you are! You must never forget this…” (1 Cor 12:25–27 MSG)

Maybe you (re)invite someone you haven’t seen in a while? Perhaps a person missing from your small group or SS class? Maybe someone who you know has been dealing with life challenges or difficulties? There’s a 5-week invite opportunity window: Mar 24 - Apr 28, and a 5-finger card where you can write down their names. Because if you don’t “write it down”, yeah, you’re probably not gonna pursue them.

But you can…and the Lord can make you and them alive together in Christ (as Eph 2:5 says) if you’ll take a moment and make another’s life a priority for your own. Psychologists tell us that the emotion of awe plays a significant role in our health, happiness, and well-being. Experiences that make us “see ourselves as a small piece of something larger can help us with physical health, stress, and personal relationships.”

Imagine what a difference you could make in the Body (of Christ) by simply reaching out and helping someone else see and know that they matter?

Go love, Church!

- Pastor Travis

1-Sarah DiGiulio, NBC News Digital