Church Approves "People Mover” Purchase

25 Passenger People Mover.jpg

On Wednesday, February 27, the church held a called business meeting to discuss the recommendation from our Transportation Team to purchase a new 2018 Starcraft 25 passenger people mover for the price of $70,199.

  This people mover is equipped with reclining and sliding seats (aisle seats slide 3-1/2” away from window seats) to provide for more comfort.  It also has a rear luggage storage area and will be equipped with USB stations at each seat.

The Finance Team recommended utilizing transportation funds on hand in the amount of  $49,393.05 and utilizing Empowerment Funds to cover the balance of $20,805.95 with the intention of paying those funds back through offerings given toward this purchase.  A list of potential usage was included in the packet that was handed out.  After a thorough discussion, the church unanimously approved the purchase.  Over the next several weeks we will be encouraging our church family to make a contribution toward this purchase.  Any excess above the $20,805.95 needed to replenish the Empowerment Fund will be held in the Transportation Fund for future transportation needs.