I Am FBC - Meet the Caspers


Matthew and Adreanna Casper have been a part of the FBC Salado Family since 2016. Having moved around the world with the U.S. Army, they chose to return to the central Texas area from Germany, and settle in Salado.

“Honestly, we decided to stay in Salado, because it was the first place we did not want to leave.  It felt like home.” said the Caspers. “The plan was to stay in the military until retirement and then move to Dallas to be closer to family and career opportunities. That was our plan at least. But God had other plans!”

When the Caspers visited FBC, they said people opened their arms and welcomed the family. “Because of this, once again, we did not want to leave.” Their oldest daughter, Kaitlyn, is now active in the youth group and enjoys mission opportunities to younger children. Their youngest child, Madelyn, is growing in Christ each day and searching for where she can best serve.  Matthew is now retired from the military and exploring his calling within the church and how to further serve. 

Matthew and Adreanna are also both active in the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, whose main mission is to provide meaningful, interactive experiences to Service members, First responders and their families, aimed at enriching their marriages and family relationships. “The pressures that come naturally with carrying out service to our Country can lead to a negative ripple effect among family units, which flows into the communities in which they serve, work and live. This organization helps counter all that.” The experiences provided by the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation are designed to give those it is assisting the opportunity to reconnect and remember what they love about each other, thus empowering families to thrive.

Matthew and Adreanna have been married 20 years.