The Pastor's Perspective - June

ac•com•plish•ment \ə-ˈkäm-plish-mənt –

1                  an act or instance of carrying into effect; fulfillment
2                  something done admirably or creditably
3                  a deed or achievement


In the span of 5 days I will have sat through the celebration of a Kindergarten, an 8th Grade, and a High School graduation. Accomplishments – every one of them, though each at a different level. The thing about accomplishments is, soon after one is completed – another is beginning. Yeah, get ready upper level graduates, cause if you haven’t yet, you’ll soon hear the next-phase phrase:  “Well, time to pack for college!” or “Time to get a job!” etc…!  And you’re thinking, “Time to what? I haven’t even soaked up this accomplishment yet?!”

Might I encourage you before you rush to the next thing; take time to enjoy the plateau you or they just climbed up on. And as you enjoy and celebrate your own or other’s accomplishments, begin praying for the path that’s to come. 

In our church:

  • Pray for our Reenvision Team who have had 3 meetings already as they take on the task of creating a new Vision & Campus masterplan for our church…

  • Pray for our upcoming youth ‘Fuge Camp in Panama City Beach, Florida, for the safety of those going and the ignition of the Spirit while they are there…(June 8-14)

  • Pray for our largest children’s ministry event of the Year – Vacation Bible School. (June 17-20) — where we’re anticipating over 400 participants & workers and looking forward to celebrating with you at our VBS Family night picnic, Thurs June 20...

  • Pray for our new Hospitality Ministry Coordinator (same person, newly adjusted job duties) Bobi Anderson as she has picked up additional duties and oversight of not just Wednesday Suppers, but also our Coffee, Bereavement, and Fellowship ministries…

Accomplishments in our church? They abound, so thank God for them even as you ask for His empowerment of what’s to come!

But let me go back to something for a moment – you. 

Because some of you are daily accomplishing much. Some of you are living with cancer. Some of you are getting up daily and doing life alone. Some of you are carrying the excruciating load of parenthood. Some of you are stressing about friendship but continuing to be a friend. It really doesn’t matter what the “what” is in your life. The fact is – it is there and you are living with it, doing it, carrying it, and continuing. THAT is an accomplishment. Congratulations!!

We often think of the end of time and those immortal words we’ll hear:  “Well done, good and faithful servant...Come and share your Master’s happiness!’” (Matt 25:21) But I believe our Master also wants you to hear it RIGHT NOW as well:

  • “Well done, you who’ve been grinding all Semester!!”

  • “Well done, you who’ve stayed faithful to your tithe!!”

  • “Well done, you who’ve taught Sunday School!!”

  • “Well done, you who’ve run media behind the scenes!!”

  • “Well done, you who’ve interceded for others though others never knew!!”

  • “Well done, you who’ve reacted like Jesus rather than how you wanted to!!”

  • “Well done…!!”

Summer awaits. Go love, Church! 

- Pastor Travis