Youth Mission Trip - Baton Rouge!


God is good! I was getting phone calls left and right the Wednesday before Mission Trip. I was being told about the Tropical storm passing through Louisiana on Friday evening and it looked to be hanging around all weekend and possibly flooding. I began talking to several people locally and others about their thoughts before a final decision was made. We began asking people to pray for the area and pray for direction and wisdom. As each day passed and our leaving time approached I was getting more and more phone calls and texts. We made some changes to our original plan but the trip was still a go. We were going to fully rely on God to handle anything and everything that was going to come up.


The drive there was great and only hit rain for about an hour of it. We were told to expect rain the whole trip and all week. It only rained Sunday night while we slept and a quick shower on Thursday. Weather was great all week too!

We had over 100 children each day and added new children each day as well. We have an amazing group of students who stepped out and did a great job all week. They were always doing whatever they were asked to do and did it well. After camp each day we would do projects, yard clean up and projects at the church for different ministries they have.We were blessed by having a great group of adults help out too.


Corey Mescher and Joy Hill are amazing at cooking and have servant’s hearts to feed us each day. Matthew Casper, Christian Falcone, Israel Lopez, Gloria Hodge, McKayla Hodge, Melissa Ruiz,and Ashley Unger are all blessings to have in the Student Ministry and are all true servants. They all loved on our students and challenged them in their walk. I want to thank Scott Mescher and Dale Mason for leading our worship and devotional each day. We had a total of 54 people go to serve in Louisiana. God did some great things in the children’s hearts and in our students’ hearts as well. Please continue to pray for them to see the different ways they can serve Him here in Salado.


In Him,

David Reaves