The Pastor's Perspective - September

“So how ya doing on the How?”


That was the phrase one of my kid’s classmates asked them recently while doing some homework.  The question was in reference to math. But I want to pose it to you in reference to life.

“How ya doing on the How?”

different horizontal.jpg

I challenged our church a couple of weeks ago as we began our Sunday morning study in the book of James – to begin working on how you are.  That if you want this Fall to be “Different” (as our series title proclaims)? If you want your Life to be “Different”?  Then you have to hear what James is saying from the get-go and go about things “Differently!” Because if you don’t change your mindset & practices now – nothing about your life is going to be “Different” later?!


I even went so far as to assert that:

· You may need to start Using a “DIFFERENT” translation of the Bible. To start reading God’s Word differently so you can actually start hearing it again. You’ve become ‘numb’ to it. So it’s time to mix it up.

· You may need to start Getting your news & information “DIFFERENTLY”. Your perception of our community, our country, and our world has been so dramatically altered through what you’re watching, reading online, and seeing on television, that you can’t even tell fact from fiction anymore. No wonder we’re so stressed and depressed.

· You may need to take a screen break and function “DIFFERENTLY”. Your mind and mood and sleep have been completely rocked by computer & cell phone usage.  There are medical studies that prove the screen-shine doesn’t let your brain go to sleep. It’s time to put the mobile phone on a charger in the other room...and rest.

· You may need to start doing some daily deeds “DIFFERENTLY”. Our lives have become so fast and full that we’re missing the real reason and reward for why we’re still here. Some radical practices need to become a part of our daily-regimine. We need to starting being polite to other people. We need to give away some of our stuff. We got too much, while others don’t have enough or any. We need to take a walk or spend some moments with our spouse or kids. We need to pay for someone else’s items. We need to take someone a meal (and not because they’ve had a death in the family).

Resolves and restarts are great. A desire to be different is super. Unless we don’t do anything with it. “Beware of not acting upon what you see in your moments on the mount with God. If you do not obey the light, it will turn into darkness. The second you waive the question of the process or any other thing upon which God gave you light, you begin to get dry rot in your spiritual life. Continually bring the truth out into actuality; work it out in every domain, or (what you have decided to do) will prove a curse.”  (Oswald Chambers)

But hey, no cursing around here. Let’s just all get to work doing what God wants. Such is certainly the case in the life of our Church.  Our ministries are ministering again. Our deacons are deac’ing again. Our worship services are worshipping again. New small group Bible studies are studying again. There are plenty of ways for you to get going again. Lots of areas where you can serve the Lord and “work out your salvation” as Paul says.

Go love, Church!
- Pastor Travis