Financial Peace


Has DEBT got you DOWN? Do you spell money $-T-R-E-$-$? Are you the master of your money or is it mastering you?

FBC will be hosting a Financial Peace University course on
Wednesday evenings  beginning September 11.  The classes are streaming video presentations by Dave Ramsey followed by small group sessions to address individual questions and issues. There are nine sessions  and the program will conclude before any conflicts with Thanksgiving. Your privacy
throughout this course will be respected and your information will NOT be viewed by anyone (including facilitators) unless you wish to review specific elements. This program is for your peace and growth. Many families have benefitted from past sessions.


If you are considering this as a start to your financial
freedom, visit:  for class information, previews and
access to discounted class materials.

The course materials are usually $149 on line, but can be
purchased for $109 if you use the link listed above for our class.


Classes will start at 6:00PM and will conclude by 7:30. Childcare will be provided as necessary by the church.


Past graduates can attend with no fees.


Please contact Ty or Victoria Simpson, Kenny or Jennifer
Kelarek for individual questions.