South American Partner Update


Some of you may remember our Peruvian pastor friend, Jairo Saurin, who preached at FBC a year or so ago.  Jairo pastors a South American church and teaches different conferences and meetings throughout the jungle, even on the coast of Peru. Our church assisted in supplying bags of concrete so his church could complete the floor for their activity tabernacle.  On fire for the Lord, Pastor Jairo is a light in the Amazon for what God is doing there.

Not too long ago, I received the tragic news that Jairo’s wife passed away suddenly. She had contracted a strange illness and was gone
before they could get her the medical attention she needed.  Upon
hearing this, I wrote Jairo a note and our missionary-in-residence, Dr. Scott Mescher took him a small financial gift on behalf of our church to help offset expenses due to this unexpected calamity. 

In response, Pastor Jairo sent back a heartfelt note. (below)

I would ask that you join me in lifting up this dear brother in Christ, along with his 3 sons.

- Pastor Travis

To Pastor Travis and the beloved First Baptist –

Beloved pastor and the Brothers & Sisters of the wonderful Church,

I write to you with joy, peace, and hope as we are connected spiritually through prayer and with the presence of our common brother Scott. Even with the distance you have been an encouragement to my family and our church here in Chazuta and through us, to many churches in the jungle.

In this valley of challenge of death, God has shown that His design is perfect. Even through the pain we praise and worship the Lord of life. Your prayers have produced positive effects in the midst of these trials and we are reminded of the hope we have in CHRIST.

On the part of my family, I want to express profound appreciation for the love offering you sent and the encouraging words in your card. We receive it with humility and present it as a fragrant offering in the eyes of God. My sons are:  Jairo Timoteo (20); Joas (19); and Hernan (16). Two of them are in university and the youngest is planning the next level of his studies. Your gift will help us greatly with these needs.

On the other side, I would like to extend an invitation for you to visit with a team from your church to help us in our ministry.

This is all I can express for now: