(re)Envision Update


Back in the Spring our church unanimously affirmed the names of seven individuals to comprise our (re)Envision Team.  The team’s task was to create a new Vision & Campus master-plan for our church, essentially a “roadmap” for who we are going to be and what we are going to be about over the next 5-7 years.


The team held three meetings in the Spring, recessed for Summer, and have held two more meetings since school started back. During their Spring sessions the team:

o   Participated in exercises on creating vision, discussed what their purpose and practices were, and reviewed a document on prior church vision steps. 

o   Performed an “Us” audit to help better understand the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of the Church.

o   Studied church attendance and generational articles, dialogued on how to better achieve the mission of the Church, and discussed how projected community trends affect future vision options.

o   Performed a Facility audit to help investigate and evaluate the overall condition of our campus and facilities.

o   And thoroughly reviewed the Church-wide Surveys and compilation of the data.


What’s left to do?


At present the (re)Envision team is engaging the services of a one the best strategic information companies in the country, whose demographic resources are dedicated to helping churches address their mission within their local context. The team is receiving feedback from church staff and leadership about priorities and spirit-led possibilities for FBC. And the team is formulating categories to compile their findings and agreements into a list of ten priorities for the church.


Please join in praying for the continued efforts, time, and sacrifices of this group. We look forward to hearing their presentations in the near future.


– (Re)envision Team –


Bobbette Bell

Jason Goodman (chair)

Savannah Hennig

Jamie Jennings

Ron Kirkpatrick

Cade Morris

Jill Shipman