The Pastor's Perspective

At our most recent Deacon’s meeting, I listened in awe and appreciation as person after person related their experience during our Deacons’ year-end gift card ministry. It was a very simple approach. Each Deacon was given 1-2 gift-cards with the following instructions:   Pray for a discerning heart and sensitive eyes; Ask God to show you exactly who to give your card(s) to; Distribute your card(s) to a needy person of your choice. No questions asked, no strings attached. Recipients did not have to be from Salado. The only requirement was that distribution was to happen sometime before Christmas.

What is DNOW?

Student ministries across the Country have witnessed the life-changing effects of Disciple Now (aka: DNOW) weekends. They have seen students and adults accept the challenge to grow as disciples of Christ issued during the intense format of a weekend focused on their walk with the Lord. DNOW has grown to be one of the most effective tools in youth ministry. Millions of students have participated in one of these life-changing weekends. Some of the most successful Student ministers in the country claim that DNOW has had more impact spiritually on their students than any event they do all year!