1st through 6th Grade

First through sixth graders are active learners who are growing significantly in their physical, mental, social, and spiritual development.  Our children's ministry is focused on laying foundations for a child to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord when God's spirit leads him or her to do so, and then preparing a child for the Christian journey to follow. 

The gospel project

Sunday mornings are a great time of fun, music, and captivating Bible stories.  Gospel Project is used throughout all of our preschool and children’s Sunday School areas.

Bible Drill

High energy Bible competition club that focuses on the memorization of Bible verses and key passages. Kids compete at a local and state level while learning important Bible skills.
Grades 4-6, meet on Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm

Kingdom kids

Join us for a purposeful and energetic bible study! Kingdom Kids is designed to dive deep into the Word, our Bible, while encouraging fun and learning. Our rotation schedule includes a craft room, bible study room, and whole group time.  

Grades 1st - 6th, Wednesday nights  at 6:00 PM

Updated: 11/15/2018