By the Book | Lesson 1

How to Study Your Bible Better Read, Record, Reflect

Would you like to start gaining more from your time in the Scriptures? Here are 3 habits to cultivate that will increase your productivity every time you open God’s Word.

Read – Too many times we are not readers, but simply browsers of God’s Word. We turn pages the way we flip TV channels or swipe screens looking for something to catch our interest. The Word doesn’t lend itself to this sort of approach, instead it requires a conscious, concentrated effort. Read portions of the Bible over and over. Reflect on a verse per day. Stay in one passage for a week. Use a chapter over a month or a theme for an extended period of time. The more you read, the more clear it will become. God knows exactly what you need and is just waiting for you to read it.

Record – In other words, write some notes down. Put on paper what you see in the Text. Keep a record of your insights and questions. You can’t build on something you don’t have, and the old adage is true: If you don’t write it down you won’t remember it! In your own words summarize what God is saying to you, record your own personal observations and insights. Doing so will help you remember what you’ve discovered and use it.

Reflect – That is, take some time to think about what you’ve seen. Ask yourself: What is going on in this passage? What is it telling about God? About myself? What do I need to do on the basis of what I’m reading here? What is God saying to me? What am I going to do about it? Think 1st person and write down some action steps. Reflection or “meditation” as it is often called, is vital to our understanding and applying God’s Word.

Dr. B’s Personal Perspective
If note-taking seems cumbersome to you, it did to me as well – until I saw how much God used it. I began to journal with pen and paper, but in this day and time I like to record my insights digitally and save them onto my phone or smart device so I can have access to them throughout the day. It’s amazing how many times God uses what He says early in the day to continually speak to me and others throughout that day.