FBC Salado exists to: 
Exalt the Lord, by being a caring fellowship of believers maturing in Christian discipleship, being  equipped for ministry, and sharing the message of Christ with Salado and the world. 

Dating back to 1987, FBC established a Long-Range Planning Advisory Council to research, study, and then present a plan regarding the direction the church should take to accommodate future growth. Every few years since then, our church has been committed to furthering God’s Kingdom by keeping our vision active and updated.

Most recently, in the Fall of 2018 FBC began its Reenvision campaign with church-members being invited to be a part of the process by answering a three-question survey and submitting their observations. A Reenvision Team is currently being recruited and assembled to take on the task of creating a new Vision & Campus masterplan for the church.

Updated: 11/15/2018